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Educational and Language/ Literacy Services for Preschool through the Adolescent Years

Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Social Skills (Group)
Expressive / Receptive Language Delays
Reading / Writing Deficiencies
Organizational Skills
Teacher Training
Assistive Technology

Stroke/Brain Injury




Speech / Language Pathologist, Consultant/Advocate, Member of Westchester Autism Advisory Committee

Children and Adults

Diane Slonim, Speech Language Pathologist, can provide expert testimony in the area of speech/language impairment including autistic spectrum disorder

Knowledge of Special Education Law as applied in New York

Experienced in the CPSE / CSE process

Children and adults can be seen for consultation at the Tarrytown office in Westchester, NY.  Pleasecontact Diane Slonim for further information or appointment.
Therapy begins with an understanding of the interests, motivations, and cognitive level of the individual. In order to advance a child beyond his/her own current interests and preoccupations, the speech language pathologist must show understanding and respect for these interests and preoccupations, as well as the individual’s psychological/emotional limitations. 

Once a bond is formed and trust and respect are achieved, new learning and behaviors can be facilitated. No treatment program can be applied directly from any manual, as no two individual’s learning styles are exactly the same.

cope of Practice

Office in Tarrytown, New York

Diane Slonim, Speech Language Pathologist, Ph.D.

(914) 767-0488