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Diane Slonim, Speech Language Pathologist, Ph.D.

Speech / Language Pathologist, Consultant/Advocate, Member of Westchester Autism Advisory Committee

Student Testimonials

Dear Diane, Thanks so much for all of your help this summer, I have learned so much from all of your advice and insight. Enjoy the rest of your summer and thanks again for everything I really appreciate it!!


Diane, thank you so much for a great semester at [Westchester Institute for Human Development]! I learned so much from you this past semester about children literacy and sound/language! I know that I will always use the strategies and tips you taught me throughout my career. I really enjoyed working with you! Thanks again for everything!

-S. Gill

Diane, My experience with you this summer has been invaluable to me. Thank you so much for helping me carve out the beginnings of a career path, it feels so good to have direction. I will definitely be in touch.


To Diane, Thank you so much for all of you support and guidance this summer! I especially appreciate all of your guidance on books and social stories. I have learned so much from you and I will certainly take all of the knowledge and skills I have gained from you with me in my future as a [Speech and Language Pathologist]


"Thank you for a great semester! I think what I will take most form our time together is the amount of care and kindness you show to your clients and their families.  It’s so easy to treat the client relationship as strictly professional, but you make it personal. Whether is was helping J. get a summer job, or the excitement when Nathan would talk, or having comic books on hand for Alan, the level of care and empathy you show your clients is something I hope to emulate in my career.  Thank you for letting me share these sessions with you, and for being such an inspiring role model and mentor"

"My name is Amanay V. I am entering my second year  of college at WCC in the fall, and I recently shadowed Diane in August.

I first became interested in speech pathology when Diane began seeing my younger siblings, Amoon, Alan and Alexis. Alan and Alexis went in extremely behind in school , with poor reading, writing, and language skills, and now four years later, they are reading, writing, and thriving in school.

I am inspired by the hard work and love that Diane has shown for my family and I would love to make a difference in peoples’ lives the way that Diane has made a difference"

​Hi Diane,
I hope all is well and that you are having a successful semester at WIHD so far. I am reaching out because I saw your article in the ASHA leader. You are so inspiring! I started a CFY at a special education school and hope to impact many lives, as you have done in your career."