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Speech / Language Pathologist, Consultant/Advocate, Member of Westchester Autism Advisory Committee

Diane Slonim, Speech Language Pathologist, Ph.D.

About Diane Slonim, SLP, Ph.D.

Speech/Language Pathology


Diane Slonim, speech language pathologist, Ph.D., held many
positions within the fields of speech / language pathology and special
education. She is also an experienced advocate for children with
disabilities.  Dr. Slonim supervises graduate students attending New York Medical College;

she also provides evaluations and therapy to clients at the Westchester Institute for Human
Development in Valhalla, New York.  She maintains a private practice as a

speech/language pathologist/advocate   in Tarrytown, NY. The practice serves
children and adults with a broad range of language/learning deficits.  


Dr. Slonim served as an adjunct faculty member at Manhattan
College, Department of Special Education.  
She managed her own agency for several years; the agency served
preschool children in need of special education and speech/language
pathology.  She also taught writing skills to young adults with autism
spectrum disorders (ASD) at the Devereux Millwood School.  Dr. Slonim has
spoken and written on many topics including: understanding psycho-educational
testing, assistive technology, identification of language
disorders, homework, and strategies for working with public schools.




Recently, Dr. Slonim collaborated with a neuroscientist at Johns Hopkins University

and Ron Stiskin, a COPAA special education attorney, to advocate for a 13 year old girl in the
Yonkers School District (Westchester County, New York) with a rare condition
involving the inability to see letters and numbers.  Dr. Slonim and Mr. Stiskin assembled a
comprehensive (largely pro-bono) team to ensure a free and appropriate
education.  The child is currently enrolled in a private school suitable for her needs.


Dr. Slonim is also experienced an experienced advocate for young
adults with speech/language deficits in need of social security benefits.