Diane Slonim, Speech Language Pathologist, Ph.D.

Children and Adults

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(914) 767-0488

Speech / Language Pathologist, Consultant/Advocate, Member of Westchester Autism Advisory Committee

Office in Tarrytown, New York

Client Testimonials

Our son, a high school senior received early intervention for speech and language

disorders at age 3.  While his articulation is normal, he continues to be challenged with receptive/expressive language disorder and struggles with reading/writing his entire school education.

Dr. Slonim has a clear understanding of his challenges and has provided 1:1 therapy developing specific strategies for organization, fluency, retention, and vocabulary. Her unique ability to connect with our son at all ages has preserved his self-esteem, given him confidence and inspiration to believe in his abilities to attain academic success. We continue to seek Dr. Slonim’s recommendations for college strategies and assistive technology as we transition from high school to college. 

Dr. Slonim is a compassionate, dedicated professional with a comprehensive understanding of special needs and how to customize the appropriate support on an individual basis.

- GJ, Fairfield County, CT

"Diane, Thank you for your expertise and making this process a quick one.  My daughter mentioned out of nowhere last night, "Ma, you know Diane is a really nice person, I like her!"  You made a lasting impression on her.  She doesn't impress easily."

- B. MacDonald

"Thank you for being so patient with Lego.  Without your help, Lego would not be who he is today."

- JN, Yorktown Heights, NY

"A woman once asked me, 'why do you bring your daughter to Tarrytown for speech?' My response is simple! because my daughter loves Diane! She has made more progress in less than a year with Diane than in 3 years of facility based therapy!"

- Gia

"Liza enjoyed working with you and I believe the work you can do with her will help her to be less frustrated by reading."

- W. Maleri

"I found Diane to be accessible and responsive everytime I requested consultation.  Correspondence/phone messages were returned in a timely fashion, so I quickly reived answers I sought from her.  Diane presented herself as concerned and aware of the case loads which she assigned to me.  Her expertise and credentials were apparent in the conversations and advice she shared.  Diane's perception and willingness to listen give her the ability to 'see the big pictures'.

Diane has a true sense of what is appropriate developmental practice, and how to apply it to an individual case to get the best results in helping a child.  Her dedication and expertise combine to give Diane valuable assets."

- Carol Goodman, M.S., Ed.

"Diane has always demonstrated enthusiasm, passion, and insight in her work with children.  Moreover, she has always been willing to learn from the expertise of colleagues, and demonstrates the necessary skills to work in a team.  Diane also possesses exceptional writing/origanizational skills.  We have collaborated together on research papers, and she is consistently demonstrated the ability to write effectively and clearly.  At this point, Diane seasoned clinician, with a broad range of clinical skills.  No doubt this will become evident when you speak with her personally."

- Frances Schefflet, Ph.D.  President of Westchester Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Diane Slonim for approximately 3 years.  We had an opportunity to share a few cases while I was employed with a separate agency.  Diane was always more than will to offer advice and assistance on the cases hat we shared as well as those that we didn't.   It has been a personal challenge for me as a special education provider to work with agencies that do not offer supervision.  Working with children with special needs is a challenging position and one that requires constant collaboration with other professionals.  More than one occasion has presented itself to me where I've exhausted my fund of knowledge.  Diane has always been the person that I could turn to for advice and valuable suggestions. 

When Diane informed me that she was starting her own agency I was delighted with the prospect of working for her.  She is an asset to the children and families that she works with as well as the professionals fortunate to work with her."

- Catherine Frederick Ms. Ed

"Thank you for your amazing work with Amy in the last 1.5 years. I know that it was stressful and discouraging at times, but your were so good, so persistent and you helped her get all of her sounds before kindergarten. I am thankful for your work - you are such an excellent therapist."

- Marina

That is such encouraging news and made my day. How absolutely fantastic to know that he is scoring at this level.
Dan and I are indebted to you as he really has come on leaps and bounds since starting sessions with you... 
I echo the sentiment. You are really bringing him out of his shell, he talks a lot at home about what you've reviewed in your sessions."

​-Jane and Daniel

"Thank you so very much for your dedication to seeing this through and for being such a terrific advocate for Aminata!!!"

​-Teresa Speranza, M.A.
Educational Coordinator, Child Welfare Services
Westchester Institute for Human Development