Speech / Language Pathologist, Consultant/Advocate, Member of Westchester Autism Advisory Committee

Children and Adults

Diane Slonim, Speech Language Pathologist, Ph.D.

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Dr. Slonim recently lectured at  Olivia’s Place in Shanghai (China). Oliva’s Place provides speech, occupational and physical therapy to children. Dr. Slonim provided continuing education  to physicians and rehabilitation specialists  on the uses of assistive technology and approaches to teaching beginning reading. 

Comments From Participants:

My name is Xuan Z.  I am a pediatric doctor from Xinhua hospital affiliated to Shangai Jiao Tong University. Thank you for your impressive lecture at  Olivia’s Place.

Dear Diane,

I would like to thank you formally for taking the time to come to our clinic and teach on May 8,2015.

The preparation you did and the full day you spent with helping their professional development was most appreciated. Thank you also for the time you spent outside communicating with the therapists as they continued to discover how to apply the theory into practice….If you are ever passing this way again, we would welcome you at any time…Lis Ringrose,   Clinicial Director of Olivia’s Place Pediatric Therapy Centre.

Dr. Slonim also presented a lecture to teachers at the Shanghai International School.  Her lecture focused on identifying language/learning disorders in a muli-lingual school population.